Only Wet Babies Like Change

When I was a baby, I embraced change….
I WANTED change….. especially when my diaper was wet.

When my diaper was wet, I cried and magically, it was changed.

As an adult, change isn’t that easy.  I don’t always “embrace” it.  But, we all have a choice; we can either sit like a baby and cry while hoping someone will come help us change (and then it is usually change in the way THEY see it) OR we can choose to design our own change.

If you are going to embrace change in your life, you will need the five P’s:

  • Power: Take responsibility for your own actions and environment
  • Purpose, Priorities: Know where you want to go, and how this change gets you there
  • People: Determine who is or should/(should not) be involved in that change
  • Pace: Take action to move in that direction

Change for the sake of change is futile.  But, change in the context of the five P’s will liberate you and empower you for greater intentionality, productivity, and fulfillment.

You have a choice.

YOU Matter!!

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