Five Steps To Introducing Yourself With Confidence

Whether it’s at a business function or at your child’s soccer game, the way you introduce yourself affects others’ first impressions of you. Here are 5 ways you can make a confident and positive introduction:
Go First: According to bestselling author, Leil Lowndes, the person who introduces him/herself first exudes friendliness and confidence. Never wait for someone else to go first.
A Great Handshake: This gesture is usually your first physical contact with another person; therefore, your handshake communicates a lot about you. A great handshake is firm and lasts approximately two to three seconds. Male clients frequently ask me if they should shake a woman’s hand lightly; however, approximately 90% of the women I’ve surveyed prefer a firm handshake from both women and men.
Eye Contact With A Smile: These two gestures done simultaneously are imperative. Do one without the other, and your introduction will lack confidence and friendliness.
Enunciate Your Name: Do people mispronounce your name or sometimes get it wrong? If this happens frequently, it’s possible that you are not saying your name slowly and clearly when introducing yourself. I learned this years ago when I would rapidly introduce myself as ‘Antoinette’ and people would then call me “Ann”. If your name is uncommon, it is important to slow down and really enunciate when saying your name.
Repeat The Other Person’s Name: We all love hearing our name. Once someone has introduced themselves to you, repeating their name out loud, “it’s nice to meet you, Don” does two things: it helps you remember their name, and is music to their ears, showing that you have an interest in meeting them.
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