Life Lessons From Valentine’s Day It was a Valentine's Day long ago, and I was in my first grade class where a boy named Marvin liked me. And I was irritated by that fact; because I instead liked a boy named David, who I didn't think liked me.But Valentine's Day was coming, and this was the perfect opportunity for David to give [...]

Beware Of This Conversation Trap You have probably experienced this frustrating but common conversation trap: You are telling a story to a person or a group, and someone either interrupts or chimes in on the heel of your story with their own tale which is either similar or many times even better than yours. But how often do you [...]

Confident Or Cocky: What’s The Difference?

Some of my clients who aspire to be more confident have admitted they fear that their increased confidence will be perceived as cockiness. There is a definite difference between these two behavioral styles, and you will know which one you are exhibiting when you ask yourself the following question: "What am I thinking about those [...]

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What is the Value of Personal Growth

Do you value growth? What is the value of one idea applied in your life? Just one. What is one area of your life that you would really like to change right now? If nothing else changes in your life - if you don't grow - will your quality of life improve? Will your friendships [...]

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