How often are you curious?

Curiosity can build connection with others.

When is the last time you asked someone to tell you about themselves? I’m not talking about, “What do you do?” When have you taken the time to show real interest in someone by asking them to tell you their story?

When is the last time you asked yourself reflective questions? One of my mentors, Scott Fay, always asks four reflective questions at the end of each day:

  1. What should I start doing?
  2. What should I stop doing?
  3. What should I do more of in my day?
  4. What should I do less of in my day?
Are you curious?

Questions require curiosity. Curiosity unlocks possibilities where there seemed to be impossibilities. BUT, you must stay in an inquisitive / curious state. The problem is that many do not stay curious long enough and will just accept the first set of answers that they receive. Instead you need to stay in a mode of questioning until you have sufficiently fleshed it out. THEN, end with the question, “What are we missing” or “What am I missing?”

I’ve heard somewhere that “Curiosity killed the cat, but for humans, curiosity kills ignorance.”

Stay curious….. ask questions of others and yourself.

Try it today.

YOU Matter!!