As you wrap up 2014, what introspective questions are you asking yourself?

My mentor, John C. Maxwell says, “Experience is NOT the best teacher…. EVALUATED experience is the best teacher.”

You’ve experienced a lot in 2014. So what? What are you going to do with that experience? What did you learn from it? What will you do different in 2015? What do you want to be different in 2015 than 2014? Who did you add the most value to in 2014? What made you feel most alive in 2014?What relationships added the most value to you? Who or what slowed you down or is a source of discouragement? (Time to prune)

Before I began 2014, I decided to make my theme of the year “BE”. Everything about the year was from the approach of who do I need to become in order to do and have the things that I want? Am I becoming who I was always meant to be? Which led me to ask God, “Who did you mean for me to be?”

“Becoming” in 2014 has done more for my personal growth and achievement than any year previous.

Becoming requires growth. Growth requires work. Work requires a plan. A plan requires a destination (or at least a rest area). A destination requires a reason.

Why (your reason/desire/ambition) will get you out of bed with excitement.
Working your plan daily will allow you to rest peacefully each evening knowing you gave it your all that day.

For 2015, my theme is something I heard Timothy Novak tell my students this fall, “Be All In.” I would encourage YOU to BE ALL IN with whatever you choose to do or become in 2015.

If you have trouble with answering any of the questions in this post and need some help or clarity. Give me a shout – that’s what I do.

YOU Matter!!