Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “They have it so easy!” or “I wish I could live like them.” Or, in my case, I see great authors or great speakers, and think, “Wow, why can’t I be that good?”

The reality? You and I are seeing the fruits of the struggle that these people are likely to have experienced. Many times my mentor, John C Maxwell, has said that people say they wish they could have his lifestyle or his speaking abilities and he responds, “You can – you just have to pay the same price that I paid. The work, the preparations….. the struggles.”

You may love to watch birds or listen to their songs, but have you thought about their struggle for life? Birds must struggle to break the egg to enter the world. If the egg was broken for them and there was no struggle, the bird would die. It is the struggle that brings the bird (and you and I) to life. It is the struggle that shows us our limits or unlocks a desire that we never knew we had.

In the midst of your struggles, stay aware and ask yourself these questions:

  • Where did this struggle come from?
  • What can I learn about this struggle?
  • What am I learning about me?
  • What responsibilities, actions, or relationships in my life need to change?
  • What one or two steps can I take immediately begin to move forward through this struggle?

You don’t have to like the struggles…. and if you do, there might be something wrong with you. ūüôā But embrace the struggles and know that there is something inside of you seeking to be birthed that needs this current struggle.

YOU Matter!!