Do you want to do more, be more, and have more in 2017? You need a team…. but, that’s not enough.Your team needs to be empowered. Will they make mistakes? Sure, but so will you.Your team needs your TRUST.

  1. T– TELL them what’s needed.Your team needs you to be clear on what’s expected. They don’t always need you to tell them “how,” just “what.”
  2. R– RELY on them to get the results.Let them know you need them. Let them know “why” their role is important.
  3. U– UPLIFT them.You should be the Chief Encouragement Officer of your company.
  4. S– SERVE them through the process.Don’t micromanage. Serve your team. You serve your team with action, accountability, and as an advocate for them.
  5. T– THANK them for a job well done.When the job is done, thank them. Recognize them. Give them their due credit.

Trust your team and be amazed at the unlimited potential that they possess. Trust your team and they will rise to the occasion and the results will follow. 2017 is the year of TRUST.

YOU Matter!!