On those days when you need a boost, simply turn to your five senses for help! When you learn how to utilize them, they can help you feel more confident on the inside, and appear more confident on the outside. Here are some ways that they have helped me in the past:
Sight: I always feel more confident when I open my “feel-good” file. I have an electronic file folder (and yes, it’s titled “feel good folder”, and a decorative box where I keep those handwritten notes. I treasure these  when I am feeling less than confident in my abilities. I don’t want to depend only my memory of trying to remember what someone said; I want to rely on the written word….I know it’s factual, and it gives me the confidence that I’m looking for.
Smell: You likely associate familiar smells with positive or negative experiences from your past, so when you need a boost, why not choose a smell that exudes a time when you felt bold and confident?  Danielle Fleming, founder of NOTE Fragrances says, “When you put on a fragrance that you connect to positively, it can instantly make you feel confident and in a great positive mood-I see clients literally light up, stand a little taller and have a smile on their face when it happens.”
Taste: We are all too familiar with those foods that we love that unfortunately make us feel sluggish afterwards. And low energy is not a recipe for confidence. Listen to your mind and body. When it’s confidence you need, don’t reach for comfort food; reach for confidence food. That means healthy, clean food. You will thank yourself later.
Hearing: You may recall a well-loved scene in the movie, “Jerry McGuire” when Jerry, played by Tom Cruise is driving and switching radio stations to find the just the right song to complement his mood. No songs are living up to what he wants until he finally tunes to “Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty. Most of us can relate to Jerry McGuire as he uninhibitedly belts out the chorus, and you can see his confidence soar as he prepares to make that phone call to Dorothy Boyd played by Renee Zellweger. Here’s a link so you can experience this scene: Jerry McGuire scene. So what’s your power song? That song that makes you feel alive and like you can conquer the world?
Touch: Hug someone. Hugging increases oxytocin and other neurotransmitters associated with happiness and pleasure, while decreasing stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rate. If there is no one around you feel comfortable hugging, give yourself a twenty second hug and you’re bound to feel better afterwards. 
So stock your confidence arsenal now! Download your favorite power song, start assembling a feel-good file, purchase your favorite scent and healthy food to have on hand, and when the time comes that you need them, you’ll be prepared. And don’t forget to give yourself a hug.