While they are an extrovert’s dream, parties can be a dreaded nightmare for most introverts. But they don’t have to be! Apply these hacks the next time you are invited to a party to help maintain your naturally wired style and reduce those feelings of exhaustion:

1. Plan to arrive early: There is a saying about showing up “fashionably late” for a party, which the original meaning to this term is to imply that you are busy and popular and unable to show up on time. However, “fashionably late” usually means that you are going to walk into a crowded room of people talking, who have already gathered in their little groups by the time you arrive. There are three advantages to arriving early: First, the venue will be quieter, and most introverts prefer quieter settings over noisy ones. Second, you will have a better chance of one-on-one or smaller conversations as there will be fewer people present. Third, if you find later that you want to leave early, you will have a great excuse since you arrived on the early side.

​2. Maintain a pleasant facial expression: If you tend to be one of those people who have an unpleasant facial expression when you feel uncomfortable or ill-at-ease, be aware that

​3. Put your phone away: It is tempting and second nature for most of us to grab our phone and start scrolling if we don’t have anyone to immediately talk to; however, know that when you do this, you are putting up a social barrier that communicates that you do not want to engage with anyone.

​4. Stand where the action is: You have probably heard the common phrase about real estate: “It’s about location, location, location.” You can apply this same rule when attending a party. If you stand in a corner or sit down in an area by yourself, your odds of interacting with others will be greatly reduced. Go to where the action is–the kitchen, the bar, etc.​

5. Come prepared with a timely question and an answer for kicking off a conversation: introverts hate small talk, but it is a necessary evil in most every social gathering to get the conversation started. Extroverts make small talk look easy, because it is easy for them. Introverts can be successful with small talk as well, it just helps to have some questions prepared ahead of time.

​6. Thank the host before leaving: It is common for introverts to not want to call attention to themselves, so slipping out the door to leave can seem like the natural and most comfortable way to exit. And this can be acceptable if the party is large and in a public place. However, if there is a specific person hosting the party, be sure to thank them before quietly slipping out.