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As certified executive coaches through the Maxwell Leadership Team, we work with executives, business professionals, and entrepreneurs who desire to catapult their results in leadership, confidence, goal achievement, and/or personal and professional development.

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The highest form of leadership is self-leadership. If you want to lead others well, you must lead yourself first. We provide individual and group leadership coaching giving you an honest assessment of your skills and strengths in multiple areas of your life. We will help you build positive momentum with a structured and intentional growth plan. We provide focus on concrete action steps designed to produce measurable progress in the Georgia, U.S. region, as well as online.

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Confidence can be the game changer that propels us to heights that we never before thought attainable both personally and professionally. Antoinette will work with you to strengthen your confidence, allowing you to achieve more than you ever imagined you could. Areas of focus include self-confidence, shyness and introversion, professional and personal communication, sales and marketing, and leadership. She works in the Georgia, United States area, and also offers online coaching services.

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The difference between knowing what you need to do and actually doing it can be a wide gap. Don’t let another year go by without advancing to achieve your goals. Antoinette and John will work with you to develop a plan to help refine your priorities and break them down into easy doable steps with accountability along the way, helping you realize your goals.

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Although you’ve been doing life together, working together can be challenging. Antoinette and John have worked together for the past 18 years, and understand the complexities of this unique partnership. They will work with both of you so that you are able to operate your business at maximum capacity and strength together, resulting in greater purpose and profits. They are available in the Georgia, United States region, and also offer online business coaching.

“John has helped me to bring clarity and focus to what it is that I desire to accomplish in all areas of my life. He was a Godsend and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be seeing the results I’m seeing in my life and my businesses without John’s coaching.”

Chuck G.

“I became aware of the behaviors and patterns that have become self-defeating and am beginning to make changes in how I act, communicate, and be authentic.”

Sharon V.

“Antoinette is very honest, helpful and most importantly for me, she helped me realize exactly what I am determined to do. She can help all those that want to help themselves, the first step is reaching out to her!”

Louis L.
“I really liked the outcome of my coaching sessions. I feel like I can swim in deep water now—meaning I’m able to do what I could not do before.”
Chris C.

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