Five Ways To Show Confidence On Video Calls

How you show up on video is important! Unlike in-person meetings and gatherings, everyone is equally on display. Therefore, do these following five actions to show confidence on video calls or video conferences:

1. Log on early. When you log on to a video call early with your camera and microphone on, and ready with questions or conversation starters, it shows you are comfortable with casual and spontaneous chat before the call or meeting officially starts. If you are not comfortable with spontaneous chat, write down some questions or conversation starters to refer to ahead of time. No one will know that you have a written list!

2. Be mindful of your posture and posture. Take time before you log on to ensure that your camera is positioned correctly, and that you are positioned correctly to show centeredness, alertness, and confidence. Don’t position yourself slouching in a chair, far away from the camera, or hunched over the camera. None of those positions are flattering from a confidence standpoint!

3. Maintain good eye contact. When you are speaking, make sure to look into the camera rather than the faces on your screen. This will ensure you are making good eye contact with everyone. Also, when you are referring to any notes, make sure that they are eye level on the side of your computer rather than on your desk in front of you, causing you to look down at them and breaking eye contact.

4. Use hand gestures appropriately. If a hand gesture is distracting, such as touching your face, hair or neck, it is not displaying confidence. Rather, if a hand gesture is supporting something you are saying, it strengthens your point and shows confidence. Show those supporting hand gestures on video just as you would in person.

5. Speak up! If the meeting or call is for the purpose of everyone to engage or contribute, be sure to say something. If you are introverted or shy, your tendency may be to keep quiet unless called on. However, speak up to ask for clarity when needed, or simply to support something that someone else has said. By speaking up, it shows confidence and that you are engaged.

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