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Five Signs You Are Too Passive

Have you ever wondered if you are being too passive at work and/or in life? Some people are simply more passive by nature. That is the way they are naturally wired. Others are only passive

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Three Hand Gestures That Convey Confidence

Whether you are in a meeting, greeting a stranger, speaking to a group of friends, your body language speaks volumes. Following are three hand gestures you can start using in social and business settings to convey

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How To Break Eye Contact With Confidence

We know that friendly eye contact is an important non-verbal cue of confidence, respect and connection in western cultures. But can you also show confidence, maintain respect and keep connection when breaking eye contact? Yes, you can, and

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Four Better Ways To Accept Compliments

Some of us are better at accepting compliments than others, but even if you have no problem graciously accepting them, here are better ways to accept compliments. Most likely even if you are already responding

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What To Do When You Are Embarrassed

We have all been embarrassed–either we have embarrassed ourselves or we have been embarrassed by others. I have always admired people who can easily brush off being embarrassed. For some, they make it look so

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