What Introverts Admire About Extroverts

Although introverts and extroverts can be as different as night and day, there are certain traits common to extroverts that introverts secretly admire. Many of you know that I am an introvert; however, rather than offer my own opinions, I polled introverts in a couple of Facebook groups and received over 100 answers. Most of the answers I received boiled down to these four traits:

1. Their confidence: This will most likely surprise many extroverts, because confidence is not directly related to how introverted or extroverted a person is; however, most all extroverts have the appearance of confidence. Extroverts speak up to strangers, are bold in their communication, they are unafraid to try new things–all of the traits that we tend to associate with a confident person. Even when they lack confidence, the extroverted communication style appears bold and unafraid. Some Introverts admit that they admire extroverts’ boldness to talk confidently even when they don’t know a lot about a subject (and sometimes when they know nothing at all about the subject). One introvert compared this to her own lack of confidence, commenting, “I even doubt myself when I’m 100% sure of what I am talking about.”

2. Their energy: The desire to be alone or retreat to a secure environment is not only a preference for introverts; rather, it is a need. A need to physically and mentally replenish and reenergize. No one likes to be tired, so introverts admire extroverts’ seemingly boundless energy to go for hours and days out in a public world without the need to retreat.

3. They act rather than overthink: Introverts are notorious for overthinking, and it’s not because we want to overthink, but that’s the way we are naturally wired. We like to think and weigh the pros and cons before making decisions. We hate unknowns, so acting quickly can be very uncomfortable. However, sometimes we miss opportunities because we are not acting when the time is right to act. I like the way one introvert summed it up. She said, “extroverts chase their dream even if it’s almost impossible. They don’t seem to have doubts because they do not mind failing.”

4. They can talk to anyone: Introverts admire extroverts’ ability to strike up conversations with strangers and to keep conversations lively when there is any kind of awkward silence. As a result of their conversational skills, many introverts admire the extroverts breadth of friendships and ability to get along with other people. One introvert commented how she likes “how their eyes sparkle when they’re talking to strangers.” The extroverts’ ability to talk to anyone leads to them having a broader social circle, and increased friends.

Although introverts admire these qualities in extroverts, most admit that they wouldn’t want to be extroverted. After all, being comfortable with our natural wiring is good and healthy. However, if you are an extrovert, those of us who are introverts hope that you admire certain qualities about us, as well.​

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