How To Help People Remember Your Name

It is frustrating when others do not remember our name! However, we know what it feels like when we cannot remember someone’s name. Help others out! Here are five ways you can help others remember your name:

1. Only give your first name. Most of the time when you are introducing yourself, you do not need to give your first and last name. However, many people do, especially in a professional setting. Think about it. You are giving them more information than they need to remember. Unless your first and your last name are super short and easy to understand, you are usually better off just giving your first name.

2. Say your name clearly. If your name is uncommon or easily misunderstood, or if your name is longer,  say it slowly and clearly. When I was younger I would say my three syllable name very quickly. People could not even understand what I was saying, much less remember it! Slow down, and enunciate every syllable.

3. Give an association with your name. I used to discount this as being silly; however, it works! I met a CLEAR agent who helped me through security at the Hartsfield Jackson international airport in Atlanta. When I asked him his name, he answered, “I’m Dijon like the mustard.” Although that was nearly a year ago, I still remember Dijon’s name! The key here is to focus on the fact that it works. It may sound silly to say, “My name is Bill like the dollar”, but it works. My name is Antoinette and my husband’s name is John. In casual settings I introduce us by saying, “My name is Antoinette, like the queen, and my husband is John, like the toilet,” and he corrects me jokingly, “like the throne.” It always gets a laugh.

4. Repeat your name at the end of your initial conversation. If you are not sure if the person remembers your name, you can repeat it at the end of the conversation while using their name together in one sentence. Just point to yourself or put your hand to your chest while repeating your name, and then repeat their name by saying,  “Rebecca. Rebecca, it was great talking with you.”

5. Remind them of your name the next time. If you have previously introduced yourself to someone and the next time you see or talk to them, it is best to assume they have forgotten your name. You can politely remind them of your name by simply saying, “I’m Antoinette. I met you last week.” They will then let you know if they remembered it, and if not, they probably will not admit it, but will appreciate that you helped them out.

Do you have certain ways you help people remember your name? If so, please share them!

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