How To Remember People’s Names – Five Ways

You love it when someone you recently met remembers your name. And you are probably forgiving of them when they don’t remember. Because you know how easy it is to forget. Here are five ways you can better remember the names of people you meet:

1. Ask about the spelling of their name: When you first meet someone you usually don’t need to know how to spell their name; however, asking about the spelling can help you remember it. You cannot do this in every situation; for instance, Jim is usually spelled J-i-m. However, you can do it in many situations when a name can have various spellings. The person you meet will be pleasantly surprised that you care enough to ask about the spelling, and it will plant their name in your memory to better remember it by asking about the spelling.

2. Squeeze your fist: Studies at UCLA and Montclair State University showed a relation between squeezing the fist to memory formation and recall. Squeezing the right fist for ninety seconds activates the area of the brain for memory formation, and squeezing the left fist activates the brain for memory recall. When you meet someone and they tell you their name, squeeze your right fist, and when you see them again, squeeze your left fist to recall their name.

3. Repeat or ask their name at the end of your conversation. If you remembered their name at the end of the conversation, repeat it back to them before departing. If you forgot their name, this is the perfect time to ask them. You can say, ” I am so sorry, I already forgot. Can you tell me your name again?” And then repeat it after they tell you. This way, you will walk away from the conversation just having heard their name again for better recall.

4. Silently go through the alphabet: If you have a few minutes before you need to use the person’s name, try going through the alphabet in your head. This is a trick I commonly use, and am surprised by how often it works. Usually, this will trigger the letter of their first name, and then you will be able to remember their name.

5. Enter their name into notes your phone: We have this great little tool that is a fool proof way to document the names of those we have met. Take the time to enter people’s names into your phone and categorize where you met them. Refer to your list before going to an event or meeting where you may see them.
Did you know that there are ways you can help people remember YOUR name? CLICK HERE to watch.

Do you have clever ways of remembering people’s names? If so, share them in the comments!

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