What Extroverts Admire About Introverts

Sometimes introverts can feel overlooked in a seemingly extroverted world. On the bright side, they possess certain traits that many extroverts admire.When I asked some extroverts what they admire and like about introverts, I was surprised at some of their answers:

1. Extroverts admire the introvert’s ability to think before speaking. Instead of blurting out whatever they are thinking, introverts are careful to think before they speak. This does not come naturally to extroverts. At times, extroverts wish they could take back their words. Many times they have accidentally said things  they wish they wouldn’t have. Extroverts know that words carry weight for introverts. Introverts have thought through what they express, and extroverts feel the importance and intentionality behind those spoken words.

2. Extroverts admire the calm that introverts bring to a situation or a group dynamic. A room full of extroverts means lots of talking, laughter and noise. Introverts, however, bring a quiet calmness to any group dynamic. One extrovert named Brittany said, “I admire the introvert’s ability to focus on what is going on around them without feeling like they have to be a part of it.” She confessed, “I feel like I have to be everything to everybody. I feel like I always need to be seen and heard, and sometimes it can feel exhausting.”

3 . Extrovert admire the introvert’s ability to ask questions that make them think. Extroverts are masters at small talk, but even they like deeper conversations when the time is right. And introverts are great getting to that deeper level of conversation by asking extroverts thought-provoking questions. Extroverts also like that introverts are attentive as they listen to their answer.

4. Extroverts admire the introvert’s ability to not miss details. Whether it is details in a process, instructions or a story, extroverts like that introverts remember the details. Many extroverts are more big picture oriented and on to the next thing, so they have difficulty with staying focused and remembering the details.

5. Extroverts like it when introverts show friendliness. Because most extroverts are talkative to anybody they meet, being the recipient of a friendly conversation or gesture such as a smile can cause you to wonder if it is really because they like you. But when an introvert gives you eye contact and smiles at you, when an introvert initiates and/or engages in conversation, extroverts feel that the introvert really likes them. After all, they don’t do that with just anyone!

Are you an extrovert with something to share that you admire about introverts? If so, please share it!

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