How To Know When To End A Conversation

Do you ever internally question if someone is truly enjoying their conversation with you or merely being polite?  Watch this five minute video above to learn the body language signal to recognize if you should continue the conversation or end it!

To determine a person’s interest, look at the direction of their feet. Because they are the furthest away from our face, they are a reliable indicator of someone’s true feelings and motives. The direction their feet are pointed indicate where their interest lies. For instance, if you are speaking with someone and you notice one foot is pointed towards you and the other is pointed towards the door, their body language is conveying they want or need to leave.  It is important to understand this signal so that you can bring the conversation to an ending.

When both feet are facing you, that person is fully engaged in the conversation. Their body language reveals there is no place else they would rather be at that moment. When you spot this, you can feel comfortable continuing the conversation!

Do you wonder how breaking eye contact to look at someone’s feet will be received? You will want to do it in a subtle manner as to not be obvious, and there is an art to breaking eye contact in conversation.

Just as being aware of another person’s body language is important in communication, it is also important to be self-aware of your own body language. How many times have you been in conversation with someone, only to have one or both feet pointed towards your desired exit? I am often guilty of this with my husband. I am half way listening to him, and half way desiring to go to the next room to do whatever it is I need to do. After becoming self-aware of the signal I was sending, I have started to pivot my feet in his direction to give him my full attention and presence. I have noticed, as a result, that not only do I appear to be giving more attention, but I am paying more attention internally, as well!

The amazing thing about body language signs such as this is that the other person may not consciously recognize them, but they feel a shift in our presence.

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