Why Introverts Hate Phone Calls

Have you noticed that many introverts tend to avoid phone calls? Both making them and answering them? Although not all introverts are alike, many introverts hate phone calls for one or more of these five reasons:

  1. There is no time to process. In a phone call, if someone makes a statement, the introvert is expected to respond. If someone asks a question, the introvert is expected to answer. There is no time for the introvert to process what they want to say! In an email or text, the introvert can take their time responding. They can work to get their words right, and reword it as many times as they wish. Introverts don’t get that luxury in a phone call.
  1. Phone calls are often unplanned. Unless someone has scheduled a call or the call is expected, the introvert has no idea what the call is about. Therefore, most of these unplanned calls will be sent to voice mail, so that the introvert will know what the call is about before taking it.
  1. The introvert knows they are being judged by only their voice and their words. There is no room for body language in a phone call. There is a lot of weight and pressure, especially when the introvert does not know what the call is about or how they should respond.
  1. There are no do-overs. Once something is said verbally, the introvert knows they cannot take it back, unlike written communication that they can reread and reword until their message is perfect. I have frequently said something in a phone call that I later wish I could take back, but I know once it is out there, it’s out there!
  1. Phone Calls usually involve small talk. Unless an introvert is calling another introvert or a task-oriented person, they know that the other person is likely to make small talk to “warm up” before discussing the topic at hand. Introverts hate this warm up time because they hate small talk!

Are you an introvert who hates phone calls? If so, please share in the comments below why you hate them!

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