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How To Overcome Three Awkward Social Encounters With These Introductions

No one likes awkward social encounters, but we have all experienced them. And sometimes the gesture that can remedy those feelings of awkwardness is a simple introduction. Following are three common instances in which you can recover awkwardness with an introduction: "Conversation With A Stranger" Awkwardness: You have been in conversation with someone for more than a few minutes, [...]

The Nice But Self-Centered Communicator

No doubt you know people are brash and self-centered. These two negative traits combined will most likely cause you to either minimize contact with them, or begrudgingly accept these behavioral flaws and show grace--even though it is difficult. But what about the person who is nice and even selfless in their actions, but self-centered as a communicator? [...]

Are Your Facial Expressions Preventing You From Connecting?

Have people ever told you that they initially thought you were aloof or unfriendly-- and you're perplexed, not understanding why they are making these premature and false assumptions? Or have you been on the receiving end, where you have encountered someone who rarely greets you with a welcoming expression, and it can feel like that [...]

Not Feeling As Self-Confident As You Used To Be? Here’s The Silver Lining…

Are you bothered because rather than gaining more self-confidence as you get older you are feeling less self-confident? Several of my coaching clients have expressed this frustration. They don’t feel as self-confident as they did when they were younger. As a result, some have begun to question their abilities or decisions. Others feel more insecure [...]