How Introverts and Quiet People Can Boost Likability

Anyone can use these techniques to increase their likability; however, they are especially helpful for introverts and quiet people because these things do not force them to act in an extroverted way.

  1. Reveal a weakness or a failure.  Many of us feel like we need to be perfect around others but remember—people don’t like perfect people. Instead, they value others who show their imperfections, as they feel like they are relatable. This does not mean that you should immediately begin sharing failures or weaknesses as soon as you meet someone; nor does it mean you should continually do this throughout conversations.  However, to periodically voice your imperfections will make you more likable.
  1. Laugh at their jokes or stories. Extroverts love to talk and share jokes and funny stories. However, you may not find the joke or story funny, or perhaps you have heard it before.  Unless you have a valid reason for not laughing (such as the story or joke is offensive), laugh anyway. It is no fun to be the one telling a story or joke only to have someone say, “I’ve heard that before,” or fail to laugh.
  1. Show them you like them. As research has proven, people like people who like them. Show others you like them. Smile and greet them with warmth when you see them. Tell them what you like and admire about them. Do not go overboard; however periodically let them know you like them. Give them great compliments. Here is an article that highlights how to give great and memorable compliments:
  1. Be positive: People want to be around positive people. Do not feel like you need to project fake positivity when you are feeling down or negative, however, in general, your demeanor should be positive! John Maxwell says there are two kinds of people: lifters and leaners. He says that the lifters encourage others, and the leaners lean on you, and the longer they do, the heavier it gets. Make sure that people leave their conversations with you feeling better and more positive than before they came in contact with you.
  1. Come prepared with questions. Extroverts can think of questions on impulse; however, introverts and quiet people need time to prepare. When you come prepared with questions, extroverts will love answering your questions. Be sure to intently listen to their answers rather than feeling the need to only pepper them with question after question.

Do you have specific ways that you have discovered to increase your likability as an introvert or quiet person? Please share them in the comments below!

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