Five Things Introverts Dislike At Work

There are activities that extroverts consider easy and fun in the workplace, that many introverts hate or at the very least, dislike doing.  As with everything, this is not meant to be a blanket statement for

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What Introverts Admire About Extroverts

Although introverts and extroverts can be as different as night and day, there are certain traits common to extroverts that introverts secretly admire. Many of you know that I am an introvert; however, rather than

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Five Signs You Are Unapproachable Leader

Although there are many ways that you can appear as an unapproachable leader, there are five signals that you may be sending without realizing it. Signals that broadcast to others that you are unapproachable, even

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Four Ways To Build Trust With Introverts

Building trust with introverts can sometimes take longer than with extroverts. Whether you are working to build trust personally or professionally, here are four ways that you can work to build trust: 1. Keep everything

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How To Be More Approachable

Why is it that some people just appear to be more approachable than others? If you want to increase your approachability at work or in a personal or social setting, there are four things you

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Five Things Introverts Secretly Like

If you’re introverted, you may be interested in knowing that there are certain things that fellow introverts secretly like. You may not find yourself agreeing with all five of these; however, you probably identify with

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