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How Introverts Can Thrive As Leaders

Introverts have certain natural traits and strengths that help them to excel as leaders. When they lean into these traits, introverts can thrive in leadership positions. Everyone has introverts on their team, and the introverted

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why introverts don't ask for help

Why Introverts Don’t Ask For Help Introverts don’t like to ask for help, and seldom do. Here are four reasons why: Although many introverts are fine with responding when others initiate, they would rather not have to be the one

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How To Know When To End A Conversation

Do you ever internally question if someone is truly enjoying their conversation with you or merely being polite?  Watch this five minute video above to learn the body language signal to recognize if you should

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Set Yourself Up For Success

What do you want to accomplish by the end of this year? Late October is an ideal time to begin working on a “60 Day Challenge” for the last two months of the year. Several

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What Extroverts Admire About Introverts

Sometimes introverts can feel overlooked in a seemingly extroverted world. On the bright side, they possess certain traits that many extroverts admire.When I asked some extroverts what they admire and like about introverts, I was

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