Six Ways To Exhibit Positive Body Language In Video Calls/Virtual Meetings

In video calls we are only able to convey body language with our upper body. Here are six ways you can exhibit positive body language during video calls or virtual meetings: 1. Keep your hands away from your face, neck and chest: Body language experts have identified all sorts of gestures that we unknowingly do when [...]

Start Doing This To Increase Your Confidence And Opportunities

Confident people do a lot of things well, and they make everything look so easy and natural. As a result, we see them make great connections, land opportunities, and success appears to just fall in their lap without any effort. But behind the scenes, confident people are doing something to create opportunities. And once you [...]

Avoid Asking This Opener Question When First Meeting Someone

There is a popular opener question that many people ask to start a conversation when meeting someone the first time. We have all been asked this question at business networking events, professional conferences, and even social encounters. Sometimes it lands successfully and robust dialogue ensues as a result. However, many times it can backfire or [...]

Three Reasons Why Introverts Are Quiet And How You Can Respond

Have you ever wondered why introverts are quiet? They can be misunderstood as being unfriendly, disengaged, or uncomfortable. As an introvert, I know all too well that my quiet nature is commonly misunderstood, and ironically, even I sometimes misunderstand other introverts' silence. Anyone can be quiet for a variety of reasons, but there are three [...]