Understanding Your Introverted Significant Other At Thanksgiving Gatherings

If your introverted significant other (hereafter identified as ISO) is not showing excitement about an upcoming Thanksgiving gathering with extended family or friends, don't take it personally. It's not about you, and it's usually not about your friends or family. Introverts know that these gatherings dictate forced socialization for an extended period, and that can [...]

10 Questions To Evaluate Your Life in 2017

Before I even start thinking about how I want next year to be different, I always give pause in December to reflect on the current year...to list those celebrations--the fun moments that made the year memorable. More recently,  I developed a list of life questions for my husband and I to individually answer, and we [...]

An Introvert’s Survival Guide For Thanksgiving Gatherings

The good news is that you have accepted an invitation to a Thanksgiving gathering at an extended family member or friend's home. The bad news is that this gathering will dictate forced socialization for an extended period, and for introverts, that can be extremely stressful. Here are some practices that I've incorporated during my holiday [...]